Exhibition at SEB Stureplan

The 30th of September we will take over SEB Stureplan and exhibit the top 10 of the following two topics: “Cash is king? & World Class”

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Imagination & Portrait, Winners

Yesterday we arranged a hangout at CFF – Centrum för fotografi in Stockholm. Here we also exhibited the top 10 pictures taken on the topics Imagination and Portrait. It was nice to see so many of you there, and here are som info for you who couldn’t make it! Läs mer


Saturday Theme Is Going Down Town!

Have you rested? A day with no sleep, many steps and lost of laughters. Do you feel like you have rested up since Stockholm Foto Marathon? Good! Then you are ready for new adventures!

There will happen many fun things in the upcoming weeks. Läs mer


Welcome to the start!

Tomorrow is the big day and here are som clarifications for you!

1. The start will be a part of “Nytorgsfesten” and more specific, it will take place by the intersection between Lilla Meitens Gränd & Malmgårdsvägen. You will find the exact position by this link (click here)

2. To check in you will need your ticket, and more specific, the QR-code on the ticet. We have experienced some trouble with some emailed tickets that do not show this code. If yours do not, you can easily find your ticket online at 

When you are there, log in to your account you registered with. Then click the character picture in the upper right corner.

You will now find your ticket called – Stockholm Fotomaraton. Press it and you will see your code!

If you experience any trouble, we will help you at the start tomorrow!

See you then!


Photo Marathon mingle at Scandinavian Photo

In a couple of days you are going to stand there on the starting line and you have 24 hours to take 24 perfect pictures. You are probably
a little nervous, tense and at the same time very excited. Stockholm Photo Marathon is on your mind and the last couple of days you have had trouble thinking about anything else… Läs mer


Information to participants!

Next Saturday it is time for the biggest photomarathon in Scandinavia. Here’s some info for you who is going to be in it!

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Checklist 2018

Now it its less than two weeks remaining. Here is a checklist with some recommendations for the participants!
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Smooth 4 gimal

Film Your Photo Marathon?

We want to capture the real Fotomaraton experience for a documentary we are doing about the Fotomaraton race. How do we do that? Through you of course! We want to see the joy, the sadness, the successes and the struggles through your eyes. Stockholm Fotomaraton is adventure with peaks and valleys and that is what we want to capture! Läs mer

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