12-hour Photo Marathon

Have you seen that there is a 12 hour Stockholm Photo Marathon this year?

Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018 will be the fifth digital photo marathon in Stockholm and this is something we need to celebrate. One of the ways we are doing it is by allowing people to participate the first 12 hours if they want, and by that be in the 12-hour photo marathon.

How does it work?

The 12 hour photo marathon works exactly as the 24 hour one does. Even the sign up is the same. The only difference is that you have to take all the 12 pictures before midnight and submit them to our workers at the midnight checkpoint (that also is the finish line for the people participating for 12 hours).

When do I have to decide?

As you might have noticed you can not choose to submit to the 12 or the 24 hour marathon. That is because it is the same signup and you do not have to decide if you are going for the 12 or 24 hour finish line before you get there. You can do your decision at the photomarathon day 5 minutes before midnight if you want. Just be sure to, if you decide to go for the 12 hour one, take all the 12 pcitures before midnight.

Basicly it works like this. If you feel strong and love the challange, you can choose to continue and do the full 24-hour marathon. Or in the unlikely case that you feel tired and do not want to continue, you just submit your pictures at the 12-hour finish line and then head of to bed.

It isn’t harder than that!

Well you got me hooked! How do I sign up?

I’m glad that you asked! You can easily sign up now, just click the link below or head to the page “Sign up now!” in the menu.

Sign up now!