Stockholm Photo Marathon 2018

Do you want to improve your photography skills? Do you want to get to know your camera better? Do you need to boost your creative inspiration? Do you want a real challenge?

If so, a photo marathon is perfect for you!

Stockholm Fotomaraton challenges you to illustrate a sequence of 24 themes with one photograph each and we will take you on an adventure you’ll remember for a long time. Along with hundreds of other photographers you will discover Stockholm, hunting for that perfect image for our themes.

You will find the courage to approach a stranger and ask them to pose for that image you’re thinking of.

You will meet new friends who share your passion for photography, have great talks, and find inspiration to take your photography further.

You will drink coffee by the bucket as you fight sleep and try to find a great image for theme number 15 at 04:36 AM.

You will learn new meanings of the word “difficult” and you try to find a way to interpret your participation number after being awake for 24 hours. (Yes, this is a hint to one of our themes.)

You will be competing for loads of great prizes, including the Best Series Grand Prize of 10,000 SEK.

And above all…

You will experience a day and a night and a photography competition we’re sure you’ll never forget.

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