• How does a Photo Marathon work?
    A Photo Marathon is a challenge to interpret given themes through photography. Stockholm Fotomaraton uses 24 themes to photograph in sequence, one photograph per theme, over 24 hours. Themes are revealed four at time through the event. More information about Photo Marathons can be found here.
  • When is the next Stockholm Fotomaraton?
    The next Stockholm Fotomaraton will start at 12 noon on August 19 2017 and run for 24 hours.
  • Will photographs from the Photo Marathon be exhibited?
    Yes. It may be at the Stockholm Photography Fair 2016 or other venue. Details will be available at a later time. If you have a suggestion for venue, gallery etc. don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.
  • Will there be prizes?
    Of course! The judges will select the top three series to win 10,000, 5,000 and 2,500 SEK respectively. In addition, our sponsor partners will contribute prizes for the best interpretations of selected themes. Which themes will have these prizes will be revealed after the event. You will find more information under the Prizes tab.
  • Are participants anonymous to the jury?
    Yes, to ensure fair and unbiased judging the jury will not know who took the photographs.
  • Is this the only Photo Marathon?
    There are many Photo Marathons around the world. You can find a list at www.photomarathon.com.
  • What about copyright of my photographs?
    Each participant retains copyright of the photographs they take during Stockholm Fotomaraton. When you sign up you give the organizers rights to use your photographs in any medium for marketing or promotional activities related to the event. You also allow that your photographs may be used in a book published and sold by the organizers. You will have an option to let Stockholm City Museum add your photographs to their collection.
  • Do you have a #hashtag?
    There sure is! This year it will be #fotomaran17 on all social media. Feel free to use it before, during and after the event.


  • How do I sign up?
    Click Sign Up here on this page. You will be asked to provide some details and pay the participation fee of 350 SEK.
  • How much does it cost to join?
    350 SEK + 12 SEK Participation fee.
    250 SEK + 10 SEK for students
  • How do I pay?
    You may pay by credit card or via online bank transfer.
  • When is the last day to sign up?
    The last day to sign up is July 30. A few last minute tickets will be released after that date, at a price of 400 SEK.
  • What happens if I sign up but can’t attend?
    Signups are non-refundable. However, you may let a friend participate in your stead. To give away your slot, send an email to info@stockholmfotomaraton.se with the details you provided at signup, and the same set of details for your friend.

Terms for participation

  • Participation number?
    You will get a bagde with your participation number at pre-start check-in. The badge must be worn visible at all times during the event.
  • May I edit my photographs?
    No! Post processing is not allowed. If you use PhotoShop or other software to manipulate the photographs before you deliver them at the finish line you will be disqualified.
  • My camera has built-in effects; may I use those?
    Many recent digital cameras have built-in effects such as miniatures, black-and-white, etc. These are applied by the camera before the photograph is captures and as such they are allowed. However, applications that modify photographs on the memory card are prohibited. All post-processing, touch-ups etc. will be cause for disqualification.
  • Do I need a special camera to participate?
    The photographs need to be taken with a dedicated camera. Mobile phones and other devices with camera functions will not suffice. What model and make your camera is doesn’t matter. Stockholm Fotomaraton is all about how you interpret and illustrate the themes. If you want to join with an analogue camera it must be small format, any model and make.
  • What format should I use for my photographs?
    All photographs should be taken using the camera’s highest quality JPEG format.
    Aspect ratio should not be wider than 3:2
  • May I use an analogue (film) camera?
    Yes! This year’s analogue class is presented in cooperation with Odenlab! The same rules apply as in the digital class, with a few important additions:You must bring your own film, selected from this list of approved films:

    • Colour 135 film:
      Your own choice of film developed with the c41 process, 36 frames
    • Black-and-white 135 film:
      Tri-x, TMax-100, TMax-400, Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta 100 och 400
    • At the start, remember to do blind exposures on the first three frames (load the film and take three photos with the lens cap on). The first non-blind frame will count as your photograph for the first theme, and each frame after is the next theme. If the three blind frames are not on the film your photographs will not be judged.Odenlab will develop all film based on their ASA. Don’t do anything that may require special development!
  • Do you provide memory cards?
    No. Please bring your own empty and error-free memory card.
  • Do you provide film?
    No Please bring your own film, selected from the list above.
  • Are there any age limits?
    There’s no age limits for participants in Stockholm Fotomaraton. However, participants below 18 years old need approval from a guardian to join.

The Day

  • What should I pack?
    Besides anything you need to take your photographs you also need a picture ID or passport to sign in. A positive mindset will also help a lot!
  • How long is a photo marathon?
    Stockholm Fotomaraton is 24 hours long. How far you have to travel during that time may vary. You will have to take 24 photographs during these 24 hours and visit all checkpoints (one every four hours).
  • Checkpoints?
    In addition to the start and finish lines you need to visit five checkpoints. These will be places in or near the city center. The check-in to start will open at 10AM and the start is at 12 noon, then checkpoint 1 is open 3PM-5PM, checkpoint 2: 7PM-9PM, checkpoint 3: 11PM-1AM, checkpoint 4: 3AM-5AM, checkpoint 5: 7AM-9AM, and finally checkpoint 6, the finish line, is “open” 11AM-1PM.
  • May I bring assistants?
    You can bring anyone you want! Assistants, drivers, models and anyone else you think you may be helpful. Or why not encourage someone you know to get a ticket and join you for some company and good spirited competition among friends?