Film Your Photo Marathon?

We want to capture the real Fotomaraton experience for a documentary we are doing about the Fotomaraton race. How do we do that? Through you of course! We want to see the joy, the sadness, the successes and the struggles through your eyes. Stockholm Fotomaraton is adventure with peaks and valleys and that is what we want to capture!

Thank god that we have 4 Smooth Gimbals to film it all with! We were thinking that we should give 4 of you a Gimbal each to film your fotomarton experience and at the end of the day you will keep the Gimbal.

We want you to film from when you wake up all the way to when you go to bed after a wonderful day at Stockholm Fotomaraton. You will also be filming your surroundings, what you are doing during Stockholm Fotomaraton and your thoughts and feelings during the race. You will also be participating in three interviews, one before start, one after 12 hours into Stockholm Fotomaraton and one after the race.

Your participation in this will lay the groundwork to the documentary which Henrik Säll, our beloved director, will make. We are so excited to bring our foto loving friends a documentary about the race.

This is a great opportunity for you to earn a longed for Smooth Gimbal. If you don’t know much about the gimball then here is a link to the webiste and a trailer:

So, who are we looking for? To make the documentary as interesting as possible we want to have different people in the Documentary. We want to have a “old-timer” that has been to several Stockholm Fotomaraton races, a “first-timer” which is new to the race, a family for example a mother and a daughter, and a normal “joe” with a great personality.

To apply, write an E-mail to about yourself.