Saturday Theme Is Going Down Town!

Have you rested? A day with no sleep, many steps and lost of laughters. Do you feel like you have rested up since Stockholm Foto Marathon? Good! Then you are ready for new adventures!

There will happen many fun things in the upcoming weeks.

We will be arranging real life meetups every week for “Saturday theme” in co-operations with Downtown Camper and Scandinavian Photo . We are gathering at Downtown Camper by there lifestyle desk, maybe grabbing a coffee and hanging for a bit. 11 o’clock is when the theme is published and then we go out and try our best to photograph within that theme. There will be “leaders” to go with if you want or you can go out by yourself.

One hour later, at 12 o’clock, we gather again at Scandinavian Photos shop that is located at Vasagatan 14. By then all the pictures should be taken and if you want to print out a copy of your picture, that is possible as well. After at you are free to hang around, give each other feedback and talk about how you interpreted the theme or just mingle with like-minded people.

Prices will be given to the best picture of the “Saturday Theme” as usual… I want to ses many happy photo enthusiasts on saturday!

Click that you will attend on our facebook event:

Are you not living in Stockholm? Do you want to start a photo meetup in you city? Mail us at and we will help with everything!

Best regards!