1. Stockholm Fotomaraton is a combined digital and analogue event. You may participate with any camera, digital or small format analogue. Depending on which you choose, you must bring either an empty memory card or a new film (see list of approved films below).

Approved film for the analogue class:

Colour 135 film:
Your own choice of film developed with the C41 method.

Black-and-white 135 film:
ITri-x, TMax-100, TMax-400, Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta 100 and 400

2.1. You must illustrate all 24/12 themes with one photograph each and in the given sequence. With a digital camera you may delete photos from your memory card but the themes must be in sequence. So you can’t go back and photograph for a previous theme if you have a photograph for the one after (unless you delete that too).

2.2 With a analouge camera you have no choice: The film must have 24/12 exposed frames in sequence. To facilitate post processing we ask that the first three frames are blind exposures (load the film and take three photos with the lens cap on). The first non-blind frame will count as your photograph for the first theme, and each frame after is the next theme.

3. All photographs must be taken between 12 noon on Saturday 18/8 and 12 noon on Sunday 19/8 2018. Please note that you do not have to take one photograph per hour. Make sure your camera’s clock is set correctly!

4. All photographs must be taken with the same camera. Switching lenses is allowed.

5.1. All digital photographs must be in JPEG format. RAW formats are not admissible.

5.2. With an analogue camera, expose according to your film’s ASA. No adjustments will be made as the film is developed.

6. You are free to use any flashes, stands, filters and other accessories.

7. No post processing of any kind is allowed, including modifying Exif data, file names etc. Any and all modification of a photograph or its meta data will be cause for disqualification. This will be judged by software built specifically for Stockholm Fotomaraton.

8. Special application software that may change how photographs are processed in the camera are not allowed. This only applies to special applications. The camera’s standard settings such as colours, focus and filters for JPEG conversion may be used.

9. Your memory card or film must have exactly 24/12 photographs on it when submitted at the finish line, one per theme in sequence. No more, no less.

10. You must collect your theme cards and get a stamp at each checkpoint during the times they are open.

10. To receive your diploma and have your photographs judged in the competition, your participation card must have a stamp from each checkpoint.

11. You must be at the finish line and have uploaded your photographs or submitted your film no later than 1PM on 19/8 2018.

11.1 If you are aiming for the 12 hour class you have to submit your 12 photos no later than 01.00 on 19/8 2018.

12. You must wear your participation badge visible at all times during Fotomaran.

13. You can only submit your pictures between 23-01 (12 hour class) and 11-13 (24 hour class).

13.1 You can only submit your photos to one of the classes, the 12 or 24 one. If you submit your pictures at midnight (23-01) you are in the 12 hour class. If not, then you automaticly proceed to be in the 24-hour one. The decision do not have to be taken before the start of the Photomarathon.

14. You must abide by all applicable laws and ethics codes for photography.

15. We ask you to keep your pictures away from social media until the 12/9 when the jury have done their job.

16. Read the Stockholm Fotomaraton terms and conditions.