Thank you for this year!

Now we are waiting for all of the 7632 pictures you all took this year to drop down in our mailbox so the jury can have a look.

All of you who did shoot in the old school way with an analogue camera can grab your negatives at Odenlab from today.

In this years Stockholm Photomarathon you ended up being 354 starting photographers and when we closed up the goal 24 hours later 318 of you had made it to the finish line. GOOD JOB!

So… What now?

Now when all the pictures are printed out on their Contact sheets the jury will gather to find a winner. This will happen on the 13th of September. They will pick out one Winner and a top 3 of all the series, a bunch of winners in the different topics and one winner of the analogue gang.

After that it is time to design the bigger prints with the winners and organise the prize ceremony.

Prize ceremony

The prize ceremony will take place at “Fotomässan” on the 13 of November. At “Fotomässan” we will also exhibit all the pictures from this years Stockholm Photomarathon and there will be a lot of other exhibitors there also so you can easily spend the day. After the prize ceremony and when the Photo Fair is going towards closing you will have the chance to pick up your printed pictures to bring home as a memory.

All of you who made it to the finish line will get a free ticket to “Fotomässan” by email when we are getting closer.

Hold on to your pictures

I know this information is a little to late but we would like to ask you to don’t spread your competing pictures around the web just yet. After the Jury have done their work (13 of september) your free to do what you want. If you want to speak about them before that we have created a Facebook-group called Stockholm Fotomaraton. There you can share your pictures and join the nice conversations.

Tell us what you think!

We who run Stockholm Photomarathon are interested in getting to know what you think about this years Photomarathon.
Therefor we have created a form for that we would love if you could take som time and fill out to help us get better!
You’ll find the form here:



At last I would just like to send you the biggest thanks for being a part of this years Stockholm Photomarathon! Without all of you, there never would have been any Photomarathon, so thank you!

Best regards

// Emil