Photo Marathon?

What is a Photo Marathon?

A Photo Marathon is the ultimate challenge for all who love photography. Each participant has 24 hours to take 24 photos. One city, 24 hours, 24 topics.

We invite you to join the fifth annual Stockholm Photo Marathon (known in Swedish as Fotomaran or Stockholm Fotomaraton) on August 18-19 2018. Last year #Fotomaran17 brought together close to 400 photographers for 24 fun and challenging hours together in an event dedicated to capturing the right feeling in each photo. 24 hours filled with joy and creativity and a fair bit of fatigue.

If you were there you know what we’re talking about!

If you weren’t, you now have the chance to gain a new wonderful experience as the Capital of Scandinavia is once again filled with photographers. Photographers who share a common mission: To fan their creative flames as each of them capture their own unique series of photographs. Spontaneity, inventiveness, stamina and good humour are all components that contribute to a successful series. A successful series of photos that captures Stockholm during 24 great late summer hours.

For all who manage to stay creative all the way to the end and find the best interpretations of this year’s themes, there is a chance to win one of several attractive prizes. All completed series are judged by an independent jury that picks the winners.

After the Photo Marathon there will be at least one public exhibition of photos from the competition.

How does a Photo Marathon work?

The Photo Marathon will start at a location in central Stockholm, where everyone gets the first four themes. From there the competitors follow a route past six checkpoints at exciting places around the city. Each checkpoint provides opportunity to gather some strength and get a stamp on the participation card, before you get the next four themes and set out on the town again. At the finish line the six checkpoint stamps are verified and for those using digital cameras a special software is used to load 24 photos from their memory cards, while those in the analogue cameras hand in their rolls of film.

Stockholm Fotomaraton encourages high class photography and also challenges participants to discover new places in the city. At each checkpoint you will get to know some of the local history along with additional themes for your series. The Photo Marathon becomes a journey of discovery through Stockholm that should be of interest to even the most experienced city explorer.

Anyone with a camera can join and face the challenge. Amateurs and professionals, young and old, Stockholmers and visitors, are welcome. Most important is to be creative, determined and to have fun! We can only accept a limited number of participants and you can secure your spot by signing up on this web site.

Tickets cost 350 SEK and takes you on a challenge you’re not likely to forget!

Sign up now!

12 Hour class

If you think that 24 hours sounds way to hard there now is the 12 hour Photomarathon. It works exactly as the 24 hour one, you just submit your 12 pictures after 12 hours – and finish by midnight.

The sign up is the same – you do not even have to choose before you are standing there at midnight on the Photomarathon day. If you are feeling strong you are welcome to continue and go for the 24 hour one instead. Or if you feel done, submit your pictures and go to bed. It is up to you and the choice will be there for all the participants of Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018.