Stockholm Fotomaraton
- August 15th 2020 -

After dialogue with the police, we have adapted this year's Stockholm Fotomaraton to the current situation. Read more below and in this newspost.
Stockholm Fotomaraton will be arranged in a new form in August!

Challange your creativity

Fight the clock

Have fun with your camera


About us

Stockholm Fotomaraton challenged Sweden's photographers to take 24 pictures in 24 hours, the first time in 1987.
Since then we have worked hard to create what is now Scandinavias biggest photomarathon. A place where you, who loves photography can challange your self and your creativity along like minded people.
Stockholm Photomarathon takes place in late august and every year, hundreds of photographers gather in Stockholm to take on the challange and have fun together! 

How does a photo marathon work?

Our participants usually describe it as the best day of the year. But how does it work?


I år kommer Stockholm Fotomaraton gå ut på att du ska tolka 12 teman med hjälp av din kamera på 8 timmar.

Du får 6 teman på varje checkpoint och dessa måste fotas i rätt ordning (tema 1, innan tema 2…).



I år kommer det vara en “startplats”, en digital checkpoint och sedan en plats där deltagarna går i mål

Du får 6 nya teman vid start och den digitala checkpointen. 


time pressure

Stockholm Fotomaraton startar lördag vecka 33 och pågår i åtta timmar.

Alla deltagare kommer att få en slottid som de måste anpassa sig till. Detta för att det max ska vara 50 personer vid start och mål.


Have fun!

Stockholm Fotomaraton utmanar dig till att utforska din kreativitet, samtidigt som du får uppleva ett härligt sensommardygn i Stockholm tillsammans med likasinnade. 

Don't forget about the bully to enjoy the moment and have fun!


Jury 2019

The jury faces the tough challenge of appointing the winners in Stockholm Fotomaraton
Frida Tall
Frida Tall

My name is Frida Tall, born 1990 in Svedala in Skåne. I am the winner of the Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018 and Fotomarathon's Advent Calendar 2018. I have long been interested in photography and did, among other things, my PhD in the civil engineering degree for Profoto. However, I did not buy my first own system camera until last year, and it was then that the photo interest really took off. I like to photograph people and urban environments and like when the pictures together create a whole. I look forward to being in the jury and seeing all the creative contributions as well as choosing this year's winner!

Linda Lamme

Linda Lamme, born 1976 in Småland. I started to take an interest in photography at school when I realized I had the talent for it. I have been working on TV4 as a photographer and editor since 1998. I have always had a good eye for the aesthetic and like photography, also decor and design. Most shoot with the mobile today, because you always have it with you. In my opinion, it is not always the most expensive equipment that creates a good image, it is the composition and fantastic moments.

Jonathan Stenvall

Jonathan Stenvall Born in 1997 in Stockholm - I feel best traveling and with the camera in the highest regard. Over the past few years, the Himalayas have been a recurring destination where powerful landscapes, animals and fascinating culture make me return. Elected in Nature Photographers / N 2016 and Olympus '' visionary '' ambassador.

Deeped Strandh

My name is Deeped Strandh and I live in Västerås after more than twenty years as a mas. Comes from the advertising agency world, worked strategically and creatively on the agency side for many years. Worked on social media longer than most. It has taught me that visual communication is important - not least in a digital world. Storytelling is becoming more and more focused on images, photos and movies. I challenge myself in photography by just using my mobile for both photography and editing. Check yourself out on @deeped. And yes, I have taken my internet nick as a real name.

Bo Larsson

Bo Larsson, City Museum I have always been interested in photography, both practically as an amateur photographer and theoretically in my professional activities as a museum official. Sometimes I have also managed to combine the two, for example by reviewing photo books for the cultural-historical magazine Contact Sheet (unfortunately sadly nowadays). A picture rarely says more than a thousand words, but it says it in another language and in a more direct way. As a juror, it will be very exciting to take part in the Photo Marathon 2019.

Var med i årets Fotofest du också
Develop yours

Utmana dig själv att fotografera 12 teman på 8 timmar och se hur du utvecklas som fotograf.


To experience Stockholm for a whole day is an experience out of the ordinary.

Work fine

Take the best pictures on each theme or create the best looking series for the chance to win great prizes!

What do the participants say?

Superb in so many ways! Challenging to a thousand and a great way to meet wonderful people. "The crew" was absolutely wonderful and peppered us tired photo people in so many ways! Everything was great ... And I and my body are heeeelt sluuut!

Marie Fredricsson


Amazing event, tremendous team running it, fantastic camera-derie between participants.

John Wittle

Participants from England

Crazy Fun! Very well arranged and with super-committed functionaries. This was the first photo march for me but definitely not last!

Cecilia Petersson




Here you can stay up to date on what happens in the photo marathon jungle!
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