Here you will find tips and ideas on good things to have with you during the Stockholm Photo Marathon

Camera & Equipment
◦ Check the time and date.
◦ Select the JPG and ONLY JPG format (No RAW images accepted)
◦ Empty the memory card, it can also be useful to format it
◦ Filter
◦ Tripod
◦ Camera and lens cleaning kit
◦ External flash, if desired
◦ Charged batteries for the camera
◦ Charged batteries for the flash
◦ Extra batteries or chargers
◦ Manuals for your camera and external flash

Camera Settings
◦ Review the camera's night photo settings (those without flash)
◦ Check picture styles. For example, black / white, sepia etc.
◦ Check out the timer - especially useful in the evening.

Getting around
◦ Good shoes
◦ Bike + lights & lock.
◦ SL ticket - suggested 24h.
◦ Map of Stockholm's inner city.
◦ Google maps on your phone

basic commodities
◦ Water or other beverage
◦ Snacks (Energy bars, nuts or other)
◦ ID or Passport
◦ Money or credit card
◦ Your ticket available on phone or paper
(You can find your ticket by logging in here)

◦ Charge the battery, make sure you have data left.
◦ Save Stockholm Photo Marathon's emergency number on the phone: +46 70-626 75 55
◦ Set alarms at 15.00, 19.00, 23.00, 03.00, 07.00, 11.00 as reminders of the checkpoints.

Other small things
◦ Pen, paper.
◦ duct tape or other tape
◦ Flashlight (also useful for light graphite)

Image Storage
◦ Extra memory card (To be able to take pictures outside the competition)

◦ Sunscreen
◦ Umbrella
◦ Hat / cap
◦ Rain poncho
◦ Rain cover / plastic bag to protect the camera from rain

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