Then this weekend was over!

After that has been up for almost 38 hours with only a few hours of sleep here and there

Here is a summary of this fantastic weekend that will be remembered as the weekend when Stockholm Fotomaraton took over the city again!

Almost exactly 300 people were the ones who came to the start and went out yesterday at 12.00 to cover the difficult task of taking 24 pictures in 24 hours! Happy mines and searching eyes began it when the first theme "Stockholm Fotomaraton" came and everyone tried to find their unique picture of how the event could be shown. Then they quickly disappeared to take the rest of the three themes before it was time for the next station.

The evening came and the people got tired and tired, the theme "queer" became a big step for many to try to take but they did it very well! During the wolf hours we got rid of a gang that probably happened to get stuck in bed instead of ending up with us and taking a coffee. Then there were only 260 tough photographers left and God so they fought. Some walked closer to 4.5 miles during the day and finally they went to the finish!

Now I feel that this text will be far too disjointed so there will be a conclusion here and an attempt to tie the bag together!

Now # Fotomaran14 has taken its place, all participants have struggled hard and taken amazing pictures. The pictures are sent away on print, which means that there are only a few exciting moments left. The first thing is to keep an eye on the mail to see when and where the award ceremony will be. The second, to keep your fingers crossed for your particular (a) photos to be appreciated by the jury and that YOU just win a prize!

Good night!