Stockholm Photomarathon


A photo marathon is a photo contest that involves interpreting different themes.

Stockholm Fotomaraton contains 24 different themes that will be depicted in the right order with one picture per theme for 24 hours. All themes are released successively during the photo marathon day.

More information about what a photo marathon is and how it works can be found here.

When you participate in the Stockholm Photo Marathon you have the opportunity to participate for 12 or 24 hours. 
It is the same ticket that applies no matter what class you have chosen to be in.
This means that in practice you do not have to make a decision about how long you want to be with until you are there at midnight.

Tip: Prepare to be around the clock so you can continue if you want, even if your plan has been to attend 12 hours.

Of course! We will award prizes to the best picture in each theme as well as to the top 3 best series in both the 12 and 24 hour class.

Yes, in order for the assessment to be as fair and open-minded as possible, the jury will not have a clue as to who it is that took the pictures they judge.

The rights to the photos taken during Stockholm Fotomaraton are owned by the photographers.

When you sign up for the competition, you give Stockholm Fotomaraton the right to use your pictures in all media in connection with marketing and promotion for Stockholm Fotomaraton. You also give your approval that your pictures may end up in a photo book with pictures from the event that will be sold.

You also have the choice to let the City Museum use your pictures in its documentation of Stockholm.

There are many different photomaratons around the world. For an updated list of where this year is, you can find it

In Sweden there are, among others, Malmö and Örebro.


By clicking on "Sign upHere on the website. Then you will need to fill in some information to register. It costs SEK 370 and payment is made by card.

370 kr. 

The last day to register is July 30th. Then there will be released a limited number of "last minute" tickets for SEK 400 each.

The registration is binding and that means that we unfortunately cannot give back any money. However, you can give away your place to a friend.

To do this, please email to and write your details and the information to the person who takes your place.

Conditions for participation

Participants receive a start number and a number tag at check-in. The number tag should be worn visibly throughout the marathon.


Post-processing of images is not allowed. Photoshoped or otherwise altered images lead to disqualification.

Many new digital cameras have built-in effects such as. Sepia, black and white and more. These are effects that are added before the picture is taken and is therefore allowed. However, all applications that adjust the image in different ways are prohibited. All post processing and retouching is prohibited and leads to disqualification.

The pictures must be taken with a camera, not a cell phone. It doesn't matter what model it is. It can be a simpler compact camera or a professional system camera. What is important is how you interpret and illustrate the themes that are given. If you are going to be using analogue, the small format camera applies, model does not matter.

Yes! This year's edition has an analogous class in collaboration with Odenlab !. The same rules apply to the analog class with some important additions:

  • Film is acquired by a participating photographer. Only the following movies are approved:
    Color 135 movie:
    Own choice of film developed with the C41 process (36 images)
    Black and White 135 Movie:
    Tri-x, TMax-100, TMax-400, Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta 100 and 400
  • When starting, be sure to expose the first three images “blank”, ie with the lens cap on.
    This is to easily identify image number one in the series. If you miss this, your pictures will not be judged.

All images should be taken in the highest quality with JPEG format.
The aspect ratio should not be wider than 3: 2.

No. You should bring a blank and error-free memory card to the start.

No. You are responsible for the purchase of a movie as per the above list.

There is no age limit to participate in Stockholm Fotomaraton. However, people under the age of 18 need to have their parent's consent.

Time for Fotomaran

In addition to what you want to bring with you during the day, you must identify yourself with your ticket (qr code) at check-in. A good mood is also preferred!

Stockholm Fotomaraton is running for 24 hours. This means that as a participant you should have taken your 24 pictures within 24 hours. You should also have passed all checkpoints (one every four hours).

If you are part of the half-marble, it will last for 12 hours (until midnight). Then you as a participant have taken all your 12 pictures before the clock strikes 00.00.

During the Fotomaratonet you, as a participant, pass 5 different checkpoints in addition to start and finish. These checkpoints are located around the inner city. There is only one checkpoint open at a time and each checkpoint is open for 2 hours.

The times for the checkpoints are as follows.
Checkpoint 1: - 15.00-17.00

Checkpoint 2: - 19: 00-21: 00

Checkpoint 3: - 23.00-01.00
(12-hour class goal)

Checkpoint 4: - 03.00-05.00

Checkpoint 5: - 07: 00-09: 00

Checkpoint 6: - 11:00 - 13:00

Of course!
You get with you photo assistants, drivers, models and everything you think you might need. Just make sure your wallet stays!

After Fotomaran

- shooting
After all of you have gone home from the finish and won against the beds, the finishing work sets in. Already the following day, your submitted pictures have been created for contact cards and go off at print. In mid-September, our eminent jury will sit down and appoint the best photo series from this year's Stockholm Fotomaraton.

  - Themes
All themes are also assessed separately by different jury groups consisting of partners and experts. They bring out the top 10 on each theme and in addition a winner or top 3.

After the Fotomaran is finished we will arrange various exhibitions. It can be exhibitions with different partners where we exhibit the top 10 on one or two themes, or a larger exhibition with all the pictures.

The last thing that happens at the year for Stockholm Fotomaraton is the awards ceremony.

Here we present all the winners on all themes and the best series of pictures. It usually becomes a wonderful event with lots of pictures and other fun.