Fotomaraton Sprint @ PhotoMarket

[: en] In collaboration with Fotografiskas Photomarket, we present Fotomaraton Sprint!
A photo marathon in express speed where you should interpret 6 themes in 2 hours!

The layout is as follows:
Check-in / pick-up of a number tag takes place before 13 on the race day.
Start starts at 1 pm, three themes are shown in Fotomaraton Sweden's Monter.
14.00 The next three themes are released, again in the booth.
14.30-15.30 The finish is open for uploading images via our computers.

Winners and prizes will be awarded on Sunday in conjunction with the Stockholm Fotomaratons Prize Ceremony.

Cost is entry to photographic (which you buy on site) and registration for the sprint takes place here:


1. Fotomaraton Sprint is a digital event. You can participate with any digital camera. Remember to include the associated memory card. The memory card should be empty when the day starts.

2. You should photograph 6 themes with each image in the right order. You can delete pictures on the card, but all themes should be photographed in the right order. This means that you cannot go back and photograph an old theme after you have photographed it clearly after.

3. All pictures must be taken between 13.00 and 15.00 on Saturday 10/11 (Make sure the camera clock is set correctly!)

4. All pictures must be taken with the same camera.

5. All images must be in JPEG format, RAW files are not accepted!

6. You may use flashes, tripods, filters and other accessories.

7. You may not edit any image in any way. Don't change the Exif data, rename it or anything else. All manipulation of an image or its metadata leads to disqualification. This is checked by a specially built program for Fotomaraton Sweden.

8. You may not use any applications in the camera which, for example, allow you to change the images before they are taken. Settings such as black and white, sharpness and other changes in the Jpeg conversion are OK. There are any applications that are not allowed.

9. Your memory card should only have 6 pictures in the right theme arrangement when you aim and load the images. No more no less.

11 You must aim and have uploaded your photos by 15:30 on the target day on November 10th.

12. You should always wear your number tag visible

14. You must adhere to the ethical rules applicable to photography. [:]