Photo marathon evening at CFF

[: en] Welcome to an evening with Stockholm Fotomaraton at gallery CFF. Here you can take part of the 10 best competitions from two of this year's themes, Portrait and Fantasy.

During the evening, winners will be dealt and the prize will be awarded. Come by and mingle with like-minded people while you look at pictures created during this year's Fotomaraton.

Wednesday, September 12, 18-20 at gallery CFF - Center for Photography, Tjärhovsgatan 44 in Stockholm. Everyone is warmly welcomed! OSA tagged with "Mingel fotomaraton". Bar at cost price. Find it here!

Three weeks ago, the 5th edition of the Stockholm Fotomaraton went off and nearly 400 photographers gathered in the largest photo marathon in the Nordic region. Everyone with the challenge of interpreting 24 images for 24 hours. It was a day full of creativity, interesting meetings and photography.

Stockholm Fotomaraton is for all photo enthusiasts. Nearly 400 photographers competed to capture the right feeling in each picture. One day with lots of joy, creativity and a lot of fatigue.

Stockholm Fotomaraton encourages photographing and also challenges participants to discover new places in the city. Spontaneity, inventive pleasure, endurance and the ability to have fun are things that contribute to a successful series of images. Through the various stations, some history is also given to all participants along with new themes. Fotomaraton thus becomes an exploration journey through Stockholm. [:]