Stockholm Photomarathon

That's how it works

Check in

Before the Stockholm Fotomaraton starts, you as a participant must check in and retrieve your number tag and other participant material that you need during the event.



The start is from a specific place at 12.00.
Now you get your first stamp and your first theme card, containing the first four (4) themes of the year.
At the back of the theme card you will also find the location of the next checkpoint

Free Photography

Now is the time to start photographing and capture your best pictures of this year's themes. Keep in mind that the tasks must be photographed in the correct order, theme 1 before theme 2 etc.

Checkpont - 1

Open: 15-17

The first checkpoint opens at 15.00 and closes at 17.00.

You need to pass all checkpoints to get the next stamp and the next four themes.

Free Photography

It is full on the town, the cultural festival is running and everyone is happy and satisfied.

There are plenty of photo opportunities!

Checkpont - 2

Open: 19-21
Checkpoint no. 2, opens 19 and closes 21.
The checkpoints are usually good places to meet other participants, change ideas and mingle. We also usually try to make sure that there is something to chew on for those who want and some charging stations for your electronics.

Free Photography

The sun slowly begins to descend over the city and the nightlife in Stockholm begins. 

We photo marathon participants continue to photograph. It is riot for anyone who intends to run the half-marble. If you are planning for it, keep in mind that all images must be photographed before midnight!

Target 12 hours
Checkpoint - 3

Open: 23-01

Checkpoint no. 3 is also the place for the finish for all those who cannot drive all the way, we call it half marble. If you want to give up here you submit your 12 pictures to our officials, you get a diploma and then you are done with this year's Fotomaraton.

For those of you who do not want to give up, checkpoint no. 3 works like before, you get new themes and a stamp, then it is just out and footage!

Free Photography

The night is here. Some will try to get a nap between midnight and 04 to come before closing to the next station. The back is just that they end up in the footing and get to catch up.
But maybe a little sleep can be worth it?

Checkpont - 4

Open: 03-05

The night's checkpoint we always have indoors so you have the opportunity to get in, rest a bit and charge your batteries. Here we usually sell sausages for a dozen and offer coffee in quantities.
(Of course there are vegan sausages too!)

Free Photography

The sun slowly starts to rise over the town when we leave the fourth checkpoint.

It's not long now!

Checkpont - 5

Open: 07-09

The sun is heading up over Stockholm and it is getting breakfast day when we get to the fifth and final checkpoint before the goal.

Here, there is often breakfast to buy for those who want.

Final sprint

We are now entering the last few hours of this year's Fotomaraton and it is time to photograph clearly.

Keep in mind that all race photos should be photographed before the clock strikes 12.00 on Sunday.


Open: 11-13

Welcome to the goal. You should now have 24 pictures on your memory card, photographed in the correct order with theme 1 before theme 2.

When you upload your photos to one of our computers, you are officially targeted.
Now you get a diploma, maybe something fun from some sponsor and then it's time to go home and rest.

Print is in progress

When everyone goes to the goal, we start directly with the finishing work. All your pictures go away and printed on contact cards that the jury will then assess.

We ask that you keep your competition photos away from social media until the jury work is complete. If you want to share your pictures you can do it in our dedicated Photo marathon group on facebook.

jury Work

Mid September

Our five jury members sit down and go through all the submitted pictures. They do a solid job and when they are ready they have chosen the winners of the year Stockholm Fotomaraton.

You now get to spread your pictures as you like.


During the autumn we usually arrange a few exhibitions with the best pictures in different selected themes.
Look out for our news not to miss anything!

Award ceremony

Finally, it is time for the big price division. Here we also set out ALL pictures taken during this year's Stockholm Fotomaraton.

Info about when the award ceremony is coming as soon as we have a finished room.