Jury member: Fabio Castello

Today we have the honour to present the first juror of the year and also the winner of the Stockholm Fotomaraton 2019 - Fabio Castello! Recently we had the opportunity to ask him some questions.

Can you briefly tell us who you are?

I call myself international; I live in Stockholm, was born and raised in Brazil and have a family originally from Italy.

I have the great advantage of having a fantastic, smart, beautiful, and strong wife as well as two wonderful daughters, both of whom are in their teens and to my delight are taking after at their mother. I am extremely proud of the women in my family and try as often as I can to photograph them, to document our lives and to create art.

My career in my work started 27 years ago as an engineer at Scania in São Paulo, Brazil. I have worked in different countries and right now I have my base at Scania's head office in Södertälje, Sweden.

When did you start taking photos?

My interest in photography started at an early age when I photographed analogously and developed the images myself. I see that as a good basis to have, when I did switch to the digital world. I have heard from others that I was an early adopter of digital technology, my first digital camera was Canon's first EOS D30 (2000) with its superb 3.1 megapixels.

Do you have a special photo style?

As a photographer I am versatile, I have no favourite category that I "stuck" in, but instead I try to, whatever the motive, do my utmost to expand the artistic side of my brain.

As an engineer, it is not the part of the brain I use most often in my daily work, so when I have a camera in my hand I switch from the logical thinking of working life to the artistic and beautiful. For me it is an incredible feeling to be able to switch over, and I try to translate the feeling I have into the pictures I take, although I also get small traces of the technology in for example composition, symmetry, motifs, lines and so on.

How did you get in touch with Stockholm Fotomaraton?

After moving to Sweden, I looked for groups and other opportunities where I could continue to develop in photography.

I was advised by a Scania colleague about the Stockholm Fotomaraton and have participated in the competition every year since then.

What stands out about the Stockholm Fotomaraton, from what I have experienced before, is that the arrangement is exciting, challenging, demanding and just fantastic in how we as participants are allowed to be creative within a clear framework.

I’m happy to hear that! Do you have any tips on how you usually think when you get a theme at Stockholm Fotomaraton?

For me, who have Swedish as a second language, themes with Swedish expressions become a very stimulating task. I start every task by taking a few steps back and try to really understand and learn the meaning of the word. I put it in context with terms I know before, take cultural aspects into account and from all these perspectives I land, often relatively quickly, in what it means to me and how to visually present it.

What do you most look forward to sitting in this year's jury?

I have participated in the Stockholm Fotomaraton since 2017. After 3 years of participation, I had the honour of winning Stockholm Fotomaraton in 2019, which enabled me to now participate and give my input and see others develop by sitting in the jury for Stockholm Fotomaraton. I already know that, to me, it will mean that I will learn lots from the other jurors and future participants in the photo marathon, be fair and disciplined in the assessment of participants' images and be impressed with all the amazing art I will get to know.

Thank you so much Fabio, we look forward to having you in the jury for this year's Stockholm Fotomaraton!