Are you coming to the awards ceremony?

[: en] Welcome to the award ceremony on 11/11 at 14.00
Finally, it is time for the big award ceremony for Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018!

This year we will have our award ceremony at Fotografiska in Stockholm in connection with their Photomarket.

Of course, we want all of you who have participated in this year's Photo Marathon to be able to attend the awards ceremony. However, in order to do so, we had to set certain terms. Which is that you have to pick up your ticket before 11 o'clock on Sunday with us in our booth just outside photographic.

If you want a ticket from us, OSA via this link.

NOTE. OSA LAST 10/11 at 13.00 [: en] Welcome to our big prize ceremony the 11/11 at 14.00

This year the ceremony will be at Fotografiska during their new event called PhotoMarket that takes place the 9-11 of November.

We would love to see you on sunday for our big prize ceremony and there we have set up a deal that gives you a free ticket for the Photomarket on sunday!

All you need to do is enter your name in the link below and get your ticket before 11.00 on sunday.

You will find the ticet at the Stockholm Fotomaraton exhibition just outside of Fotografiska.

click here to book your ticket!

NOTE. The ticets are only for people who participated in Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018. [:]