Moral and ethics

[: en] Stockholm Fotomaraton is a great event that involves many people and organizations.

Today, the event is very well liked by most people and we would very much like to continue to be a popular event. In order to maintain our good status, it is required of us and those of you who think that we think a lot about how we behave when we photograph out on the town.

We MUST Be respectful of people's personal privacy and privacy.

We MUST Keep in mind that it is sensitive to photographing children and young people.

We MUST Remember that photography that can be perceived offensive may be illegal.

We MUST Ask the adult for permission before photographing children and young people.

And how do we solve this? 

Well we ask the people we are going to photograph or maybe have already photographed. We tell you that we are part of a photo contest and that this picture of the person will do so that you win. We might give the person some information about the photo march and your own email address so you can be heard later on whether the picture gave you a prize.

We MUST remember to show respect for our photo objects. It will be so much nicer then.

See the question as a perfect opportunity to show your beautiful smile and spread the word about the photo marathon.

By doing this, we can together create a good atmosphere and show how real photographers behave when they are photographing.

Stockholm Fotomaraton is part of Stockholm's Cultural Festival and within this there is also a youth festival called We Are Stockholm. Unfortunately, in previous years it has been shown that rogue photographers (not photo-marathon participants) have strayed around and in the festival area and tried to photograph children and young people in sensitive situations. This has resulted in the security force that is in charge of the Stockholm Cultural Festival keeping proper watch over all photographers who are moving in the festival areas.

This makes it all this even more important. We want to be able to continue to be part of this folk party.

Their guards are informed that the Fotomaran takes place. They are informed that our participants must have a number tag well visible. We therefore want you to be responsive if you are contacted by guards and respect their instructions. They do their job and are there for you and everyone else's safety. We therefore also ask you to avoid photographing children and young people in the festival area.


By this we do not mean that you cannot photograph people or children and young people. We just want you to do it well. Ask before or in the worst case after. Use your number tag as a reason and ask with a smile so you will see that a yes is not far away.

Think about and think about how you would feel if you were the one in the picture.

Thanks in advance for showing respect.[:]

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