Now we run Fotomaraton Slussen!

🌸We want to celebrate in the spring with a little different, but oh so fun, photomaraton! 🌸

In collaboration with Stockholm City Museum, Fotografiska and Slussenprojektet, we will be organizing the first photomaraton of the year on 27-28 April.

- A total of 8 themes in 24 hours - 
- And all pictures should be taken within the lock area -

Start: 15.15 (27/4): City Museum
Station 1: 11-12-12 (28/4): Photographic
Goal: 14-16 (28/4): City Museum

InnarWinner photos can decorate Slussenplanket🌸 during the summer

Ticket price: 100kr

You are welcome with your application at:

See you there!

RULES - Fotomaraton Slussen

1. Fotomaraton Slussen is a digital event. You can participate with any camera, digital. Remember to include the associated memory card.

2. You should photograph 8 themes with each image in the right order. You can delete pictures on the card, but all themes should be photographed in the right order. This means that you cannot go back and photograph an old theme after you have photographed it clearly after.

3. All pictures must be taken within the lock area. Detailed area map comes.

4. All pictures must be taken between 15.00 Saturday 27/4 and 15.00 Sunday 28/4 2019. Note, however, that you do not have to take a theme per hour. (Make sure the camera clock is set correctly!)

5. All pictures must be taken with the same camera.

6. All images must be in JPEG format, RAW files are not accepted!

7. You may use flashes, tripods, filters and other accessories.

8. You may not edit any image in any way. Don't change the Exif data, rename it or anything else. All manipulation of an image or its metadata leads to disqualification. This is checked by a specially built program for Fotomaraton Sweden.

9. Your memory card should only have 8 pictures in the right theme order when you aim and load the images. No more no less.

10. You must download all the theme cards and get your stamp from all the stations during the exposed times.

11. To get a diploma and participate in the assessment, you must have checked in at all stations.

12 You have to go to goal and have to upload your photos by 16.00 on the target day on April 28th.

13. You should always wear your number tag visible

14. You can only aim between 14-16.

15. You must follow the ethical rules that apply to photography.