Right now!

[: en] On Monday, this year's jury sat down and brought out this year's winner in Stockholm Fotomaraton. This means that it is now free to spread your pictures as you like. Look up with the blog posts now, I want to read all your stories from this year's photo marathon!

We are still working on the final details of this year's major award ceremony, as soon as everything is ready we will provide information about it.

Until then, we have a lot of other fun to offer 🙂

Vernissage, Dome of vision, Thursday 21/9 at 16-18.30

Already on Thursday it is time for the next opening. We will exhibit the top 10 in two themes. Punk and Asphalt flower.
Hope we see you there!

Vernissage / Event, SEB Experience Stureplan 1/10 kl.12-16

On Sunday, October 1, it is high time to present the winners on the first themes we have exhibited in the autumn. In connection with this, we also fit in on the inauguration of the next exhibition, which will hang on to SEB experience, Stureplan.

The day will, among other things, offer lectures, awards ceremony and presentation of the winners in the themes we have exhibited and a lot of picture snacks.
It will simply be a really nice day in true photomaratonanda!

Launch of the Fotomaran pod

In connection with the opening issue on October 1, we will also release the first episode of our very own podcast. If you never got stuck at the mike under the marrow, there is the opportunity to share your stories in place during the opening event.

It was all we can tell you right now, more info comes when it is ripe to be presented.

See ya![:]