Ceremony Day!

[: en] In collaboration with Fotografiskas PhotoMarket, this year we will have presented the winners of the Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018 on Sunday 11 November at 14.00.

This year, Photographic arranges for the first time a photo fair they have chosen to call PhotoMarket. Of course we will be in place and tell you more about the concept of photo marathon and in addition it is a perfect place for us to present the year winner on.

Said and done, now it is clear that Stockholm Fotomaraton's large award ceremony will take place Photo's PhotoMarket. On site we will also exhibit all the pictures from this year's Fotomaraton and arrange a Fotomaraton Sprint for anyone who wants to challenge a little extra!

You can find ongoing updates on the award ceremony facebook event by clicking here.

A little quicker easier info

Award ceremony and Exhibition in connection with Fotografiskas PhotoMarket

  • ALL pictures will be displayed
  • Prize ceremony Sunday 11/11 at 14.00
  • Photo Marathon Sprint on Saturday
  • We are at the fair all weekend

[: en] We can now proudly announce that we will have our big price ceremony this year at the PhotoMarket organized at Fotografiska in November.

The Museum of Photography in Stockholm are organizing a PhotoMarket with loads of great exhibitions, people and companies from the market and such.
Of course there is a place for Stockholm Photo Marathon. We will be just outside the entrance exhibiting all the pictures from this years Photomarathon and spread the word about the Photomarathon concept.

On the Sunday we will also have our big price ceremony, announcing all the winners of this year Photomarathon.

More info in the facebook event that you will find here![:]