Problems with signing up?

[: en] We have noted that some of you have had problems with the registration via Fotomaraton Sweden and have therefore decided to postpone the increase of the price and regular registration time to the end of today 1/8 at 23:59.

For those of you who still have problems, we have developed a few steps you can follow to get your application working. We apologize for the hassle!

Which browser do I use?
Not sure which browser you are using?
Visit this site for a quick answer:

If you're not using Google Chrome
  1. Download the Google Chrome browser from here:
If you're already using Google Chrome
  1.  Make sure cookies are activated, you can do this by following this guide:
  2. Make sure JavaScript is enabled, you can do this by visiting this page:
  3. Make sure Google Chrome is up-to-date by following this guide:
  4. Try registering and buying your ticket again.

If you do not receive your ticket as mail

Some email services can classify mail outs as spam. If you cannot find them in your inbox, they can therefore be placed in the spam folder, look there.
If you cannot find the ticket there either but know that you are registered, hold out, before August 18 we will release an update to the website
that lets you show your ticket there.

We apologize and will not let problems with the web system affect your participation in Stockholm Fotomaraton, if these steps do not help, we are therefore available at
A major update of the page is underway to address the issues.

Last but not least! If you experience problems that do not solve with these steps, it is super-important that you send us an email and we will help you in the best possible way. But make sure to do it today for tomorrow we raise the price to 400 SEK per ticket and the ticket number will be limited! [: En] We have noticed that some of your experience with your sign-up to Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018. Because of this we have decided to postpone the regular sign-up and the price change until the end of today (23.59 1/8).

For you who still experience trouble we have created a few steps to follow your sign-up to work. We are terribly sorry for the hassle!

What internet browser do I use?
Are you uncertain what browser you use?
Visit this page for a quick answer.

If you don't use Google Chrome
1. Download the browser Google Chrome from here:

You are using Google Chrome
  1.  Make sure that cookies are activated, you can do this by following this guide:
  2.  Make sure that is JavaScript activated, do this by visiting the following page:
  3.  Make sure Google Chrome is updated, do this by following this guide:
  4.  Try to sign up again
If you do not get your ticket as an e-mail

Some mail clients may put our mails in your spam folder. If you don't find our emails, have a look in there.
If you can't find any of them, then you will have no payment. Before the 18/8 we will release an update to the website that will let you see your tickets if you log in to your account.


Again, we apologize for all the trouble and will not have problems with our servers effect your participation in Stockholm Fotomaraton. If you do not help us, please send us an email to and we will help you from there!
A bigger update to the website is on its way to solve the problems.


Last but not least, if you experience trouble and do not send us an email we can help you. So do not be afraid because after midnight the price will be 400 SEK per ticket and there will only be a limited ticket released!