Stockholm Photomarathon


1. Stockholm Fotomaraton is a digital or analogue event. You can participate with any camera, digital or small format analogue. Remember to include the associated memory card. If you are shooting analogue, please include the movie you choose to use (see list below). The memory card / movie should be empty / empty when the day starts.

Approved movies for the analog class:

Color 135 movie:
Optional film type developed with the C41 method

Black and White 135 Movie:
Tri-x, TMax-100, TMax-400, Ilford HP5, Ilford Delta 100 and 400

2.1. You should make 24/12 themes with each picture in the right order. You can delete pictures on the card, but all themes should be photographed in the right order. This means that you cannot go back and photograph an old theme after you have photographed it clearly after.

2.2. If you photograph analogously, you have no choice, 24/12 pictures in the right order in succession. In order to simplify the finishing work, it is for the analog class that the first three exposures on the roll should be "shiny", ie exposed with the lens cap. The picture after these first three blank exposures will be counted as your picture on theme number 1!

3.1 All pictures must be taken between 12.00 on Saturday, August 17 and 12.00 on Sunday, August 18, 2019. Note, however, that you do not have to take a theme per hour. (Make sure the camera clock is set correctly!)

3.2 If you are aiming to be in the 12-hour class, all 12 pictures must be taken before 00.00 on 18/8 2019.

4. All pictures must be taken with the same camera.

5.1. All images should be in JPEG format, RAW files will not be accepted!

5.2. If you are photographing analogously then expose after the film's ASA, it is not possible to get the films pressed during development.

6. You may use flashes, tripods, filters and other accessories.

7. You may not edit any image in any way. Don't change the Exif data, rename it or anything else. All manipulation of an image or its metadata leads to disqualification. This is checked by a specially built program for Stockholm Fotomaraton.

8. You may not use any applications in the camera which, for example, allow you to change the images before they are taken. Settings such as black and white, sharpness and other changes in the Jpeg conversion are OK. There are any applications that are not allowed.

9. Your memory card / movie should only have 24/12 images in the right theme order when you aim and load the pictures / submit the movie. No more no less.

9. You must download all the theme cards and get your stamp from all the stations during the exposed times.

10. To get a diploma and participate in the assessment, your participant card must be stamped with all station stamps.

11.1 You must aim and upload your pictures / leave your movie no later than 13.00 on the target day on August 18th.

11.2 To be included in the 12 hour class, you must have submitted your pictures no later than 01:00 on 18 August.

12. You should always wear your number tag visible

13. You can only score between 23-01 (12 hours) and 11-13.

13.1 You can only finish in one of the classes 12/24 hours. If you submit your pictures at midnight, you are included in the 12-hour period, otherwise you are automatically included in the 24-hour period. The decision need not be taken before the start of the competition.

14. You must follow the ethical rules that apply to photography.

15. After the competition, we ask you not to share the pictures publicly (except for the designated facebook group) before 12/9 when the jury meeting takes place.