Fotomaran15, Now we drive!

Now we get started # Fotomaran15! Book this weekend from 15-16 August 2015 right now

for this year's most fun photo event!

Last year, you were 360 who registered you, which made Stockholm Fotomaraton the largest photo marathon in the Nordic region together with Denmark, which had about the same number of participants. 2015 we will be the biggest! The goal is at least 600 registered and we can achieve that together!

The registration will be SEK 250 just like last year, but we have changed the ticket service to simplify the whole bit, which means that a service fee of SEK 14 per ticket is added. However, you do not have to paypal now!

We start selling tickets to Stockholm Fotomaraton 2015 on 21/11 at Fotomässan. Anyone who enrolls there will receive both a low start number and a sprinkler's new Fotomaran15 T-shirt! Then we open the web registration on Monday 24/11.

Hope we can be seen at Fotomässan!

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