Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018

[: en] Now is 2018 here and soon we will open the registration for this year's most fun photo event!

Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018 will take place on August 18-19 and we hope that as many of you as possible want to join us this year again!

The tickets we will start to sell at Fotomässan on 9-11 March in the river lake and from March 12 it is possible to register on the website which will then have a new and fresh look.

This year's photo marathon will be the fifth edition in the digital version and just like that, we will add a rather big news. This year, there will be an opportunity to go for a half marathon!

The layout is as follows. Everyone starts at the same time as one and the same class, it's the same notification and no difference until we get to the midnight station. (11-01) Here there will be the opportunity to "throw in the towel" and hand in the 12 first themes in order to be in the 12 hour class.

If one has chosen to load in the 12 hour station, it is not possible to continue. If you choose to continue past the 12 hour station, it is the whole marina that applies. The choice must therefore be made at this station but need not be done until you get there on the photo marathon deck.

With this we hope to enable participation for all of you who have not yet dared to participate for 24 hours feels too big and hard.

It was all for now, we can be seen at the fair on 9-11 March! [:]