Thanks for this weekend!

[: en] The photo fair is over for this year and what an incredibly nice weekend it was!

On Friday at 10 o'clock this year's Fotomässa opened the doors and as usual the people competed to be the first to the sensor cleanings of the major suppliers. But always you are some who instead take you to us, all to get the one-digit start numbers in this year's Fotomaraton.

The photo fair continued late and many were you who stopped to talk to us about Stockholm Fotomaraton and what it is for exciting excitement really. We spread the message and when we closed the doors on Friday we could count on over 30 registered and more it would be!

Saturday came and a tired Emil, AKA the photo marathon general, who for some strange reason slept on the roof of the fair took the stand. The booth was quickly filled at the fair's opening and the booth staff consisted of participants and functionaries made a horse job by spreading the message about what we think is this year's most fun photo event. It was also noticed that the interest was great for more and more people to walk around with this year's stylish t-shirts that were part of the registration at the fair.

The Sunday was a bit calmer and a smoother flow that still resulted in a lot of notifications and a lot of nice conversations.

When we now sum up the fair, we can happily state that we beat last year's 133 entries during the fair days with a total of 4 notifications and are now in 137 registered for Stockholm Fotomaraton 2018.

Now we open up for registration on the web and we hope that all of you who for various reasons could not take you to the fair fit in to register you already for this year's most fun photo event!

Let's help pepper all those who have not previously dared to register to do so already, maybe we can reach 200 already registered before March is over!

Click here to proceed to registration already![:]