Thanks for this year!

Now it has been a little more than a week since this year's Stockholm Fotomaraton took place.

It has been a great pleasure to run the whole project and to be involved for the whole day was wonderful! 300 slightly excited and expectant photographers were what stood at the City Museum's courtyard at 12 noon on Saturday, August 16th. Then you spread out on the first mission and continued all the way!

Sunday at 1 pm it was 244 that had gone to the finish. 66 people had fallen off the road. Probably because of fatigue. After all, it is one of the most extreme photo competitions available ... I believe.

Award ceremony and Exhibition

After a competition, it will of course be awarded prizes of course! We will award a total of 30 different prices to different people for winnings in both the best series and different individual themes.

The awards ceremony will take place at the City Museum, on Thursday 25/9 in the evening. Exact time comes when it is approaching but expect about 18.00. In connection with the awards ceremony, the exhibition will also be opened.

In the exhibition, it will be possible to see pictures from all those who succeeded in reaching you and loading the pictures in our computers. Some of the images will be in large format, some in smaller ones, and there will also be a screen showing lots of pictures. The exhibition is open to the public as of 26/9 and will hang for at least two weeks.


This year's evaluation form was completed on Friday. You are very happy to go in and answer the questions to help the photo march to become even better! I know that there are a lot of questions but you do not have to answer all if you do not want to. Anyone who does the evaluation does a good thing for the photo marathon and the more that makes it, the better the photo marathon can be!

Here you will find this year's evaluation form:

Store your photos

As you may have seen, we started a collaboration with the company just before the competition. They help us with cloud storage and backup of all photo marathon documents and all competition photos of course. offering now everyone is a really good price on a very good service. With them you get free space for backup of your computers so that you do not have to get rid of all the valuable pictures and other things you have saved if the accident occurs.

Now you can get this for a year for only 799 SEK. (Unlimited Backup)

Do you also want extra storage space in the cloud to be able to share pictures and more?

Then you can instead choose to buy free backup + 1 TB of cloud storage for SEK 1599 for a year!

To take part of any of these offers, send an email to

Facebook Group

After the photo march, many wanted to share their pictures and see others. We therefore created a "Stockholm Fotomaraton" group on Facebook. Please join us and share your photos and participate in the discussions about the photo marathon. Various walks have also been organized for you who feel that you want more and footage!


Would like to once again take the opportunity to thank you all for being with us and making the photo marathon14 to what it was! Many nice pictures were taken and in about a week the jury will gather to bring out the winners!

Have a still nice week so I will return when it approaches the exhibition again!