Welcome to the award ceremony

[: en] Last week we presented the date of this year's great award ceremony and opening ceremony. Today we can finally give you even more info!

Welcome to the award ceremony & Vernissage
November 12, at 14:00 - 17:00.


Location: Aulan, Kristofferskolan in bromma

The award ceremony will present all the winners in both the best series and the best picture in all themes.
On site we will also exhibit all pictures taken in this year's photo marathon and all winners in larger format.

When the day starts to suffer towards its end, there is also a chance to bring your picture map home.

Today's highlights:

  • 14.00 The doors are opened. All participants' picture maps are free to view.
  • 15.00 The prize giving starts.
  • 15.45 We open up the display of all winning pictures. Free mingle
  • 16.15 Free to pick up your picture map and bring home.

In the event on facebook it is possible to invite loved ones. There will also be ongoing updates.

We are there! [:]