Welcome to Starten!

[: en] Until then, we want to clarify some things so that you find the right tomorrow!

1. The start goes in connection with the Nytorgfest but not on Nytorget, but in corner Lilla Mejtensgränd / Malmgårdsvägen which is part of the festival area.
You can find exactly where through the link below
Map to start / Map to the start

2. To retrieve your number tag, you need to bring your ticket, or more precisely your QR code that is on the ticket.
We have had a little trouble with the ticket mailings by mail. The easiest way is to find your QR code and ticket by logging in Fotomaratonsverige.se.

When you log in, click on the old man in the right corner to get to your profile.

On your profile a little bit down you will find your ticket (it says "Stockholm Fotomaraton") click on it and you will get your QR code!

If you encounter problems, we are there to help you tomorrow!

We see tomorrow! [: En] Tomorrow is the big day and here are like clarifications for you!

1. The start will be part of "Nytorgsfesten" and more specific, it will take place at the intersection between Lilla Meitens Gränd & Malmgårdsvägen. You will find the exact position by this link (click here)

2. To check you will need your ticket, and more specifically, the QR code on the ticket. We have some trouble with some emailed tickets that do not show this code. If you do not, you can easily find your ticket online Fotomaratonsverige.se 

When you are there, log in to your account you registered with. Then click the character picture in the upper right corner.

You will now find your ticket called - Stockholm Fotomaraton. Press it and you will see your code!

If you experience any trouble, we will help you to start tomorrow!

See you then! [:]