We have solved it! This is how Stockholm Fotomaraton will be this year.

We have recently had a dialogue with the authorities on how we can safely organize Stockholm Fotomaraton 2020, and we have solved it!

This year's edition of the competition will be different, as we must take precautions against the spread of infection and not exceed the restriction on public gatherings of more than 50 people. The start will be held at several times during the day, Saturday, August 15th. We have introduced a time slot system, where a maximum of 40 participants start in each time slot.

The competition will then run for eight-hours, meaning that each participant will then have  eight hours to photograph twelve themes and then finish eight hours after the start time.

Start and finish will take place at Hötorgsterassen where we will have a large event area.

The time slot system will be presented in more detail later, and it will be possible to pre-book a starting time, while we are also offering drop-in during the day. Every half hour a new group of up to 40 participants starts.

We have chosen to have 12 themes this year, to increase the challenge a bit. Themes will be distributed at the start and then during a digital station four hours after the start.

We will ensure that there is plenty of space and that everyone keeps a safe distance. Only participants in the competition will be able to be at the start and finish, but of course it is fine to have aides and company in between.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners and the Swedish Police for their cooperation and great support in the work of this year's Stockholm Fotomaraton.

This decision is based on the current situation and the restrictions that currently exist. If the situation changes, then changes may occur later.

Unfortunately we have to cancel the regular event due to unexpected events that we cannot control (force majure) and instead we offer all participants who bought a ticket to attend this event as a compensation, with the same participant number.

The reason we can't have a 24 hours Photo Marathon this year is, among other things, the problem of not being able to gather more than 50 people in one place. This makes it difficult for us to have night stations where you can have a break, recharge batteries, rest and meet others. Other events that normally take place during this day are cancelled. This means that a smaller number of people will move around outside and more places (restaurants etc) are closed. For us, the safety of the participants comes first and for that reason we cannot have more stations.

We hope the event will be appreciated and we look forward to seeing you all in August!

/Gabriel, Richard och Emil