Want to take the biggest photo marathon in the Nordic region to the next level?

Much has happened in the years since the Stockholm Photo Marathon resurfaced and now we are looking for two people who want to help take the next step. Today, the Stockholm Photo Marathon is run by three people; Gabriel, Emil and Ida. We run the Stockholm Photo Marathon in our spare time, in addition to our main pursuits.

What we are now looking for is:

  1. You who want to join and develop and run our events
  2. You who want to join and strengthen our communication

For both roles, times are flexible and should be combined with other main occupations. You will receive some compensation, but it is important to understand that it is essentially symbolic. An important aspect of choosing a person for both roles will be your personality, we have a lot of fun together and see the group dynamics where we can discuss but also have fun together as important.

Submit the application at info@fotomaratonsverige.se As soon as possible, we meet potential people regularly.

1. You who want to join and develop and run our events

We are looking for you who are good at building relationships, have ideas and a go! Together with Gabriel and Emil you are involved in all the practical aspects of the event, such as finding partners, stations and fun experiences for the participants. You are also involved in other types of practical questions such as answering support questions, managing purchases and orders and more. Together we do everything that is beyond communication.

You should be a social person who likes to make new contacts. If you have previous experience in the photo industry, this can be good, but other types of network are also positive. If you have the opportunity to do things during normal working hours, it is good, but it also works if you want to spend evenings and weekends.

Your interest and drive are much more important than a good resume and the important thing is that you fit into the team.

We look forward to hearing from you info@fotomaratonsverige.se

2. You who want to strengthen communication

We are looking for you who are talented and interested in marketing and the art of reaching out to new participants. You and Ida will jointly be responsible for our social media, our web, newsletters, handouts, posters, advertisements and all other communication with participants and potential participants. You will also have very free hands in testing and experimenting how we can reach out with the Stockholm Photo Marathon in the best way.

In addition to your communication skills, you are happy to have knowledge of all or some of the following; English and Swedish, Indesign, Photoshop and film editing.

We are happy that you are passionate about marketing and a lovely glow weighs heavier than a good resume.

We look forward to hearing from you info@fotomaratonsverige.se