Information to participants!

Next Saturday it is time for the biggest photomarathon in Scandinavia. Here’s some info for you who is going to be in it!

Start, The corner by Lilla Mejtensgränd/Malmgårdsvägen 18/8 kl 12.00

At next Saturday, the 18 of August, 12 o clock, the start of this years Stockholm Photomarathon will take place. Before that you have to pick up your numberplate and participant card. They will be available at the starting point, from 10.00. You can also pick them up at our pre-Photomarathon Hangout on friday at Scandinavian Photo (read more here). When you pick up your things you will need to show your ticket. You can easily find your ticket if you log on to our new website and go to your profile.

If you want to be in but haven’t signed up yet, this will be possible at the check-in too.

Important! Make sure to be there in time so you don’t miss the start!

Check points

During the event you are to check in at six(6), or if you’re going for the 12 hour class three(3), different check points, one every fourth hour. Where these are situated will be written on the theme cards. Note that it is here, at the check points you will get your next four themes and you have to check in within their opening hours. There will be one check point open at a time and the opening hours are as follow:

Start – 12.00
Check point 1 – 15.00-17.00
Check point 2 – 19.00-21.00 
Check point 3 – 23.00-01.00 (Goal for the 12 hour class)
Check point – 03.00-05.00
Check point 5 – 07.00-09.00
Finish line – 11.00-13.00 

Finish line

When you reach the goal you who have participated with a digital camera will have to upload your 12/24 pictures to our computers. It is VERY important that your memory card only have 12/24 JPEG pictures on it. There will most certainly be a small queue by the computers. We would like to ask you in advance to take knowledge of this and be there in time.

You who have participated with an analogue camera will leave your film in a small bag that you’ll be given at the end.

Extra Memory card

We would like to recommend you to bring one extra memory card to be able to shoot some pictures outside of the competition.


To make the most out of your photomarathon experience it is good to be prepared.To help you with this we have made a simple checklist with some tips and tricks and other good stuff that might be good to have with you. You’ll find the checklist here.

Read up!

Make sure to go through the rules and conditions pages at the website before the start. Don’t be afraid to read the F.A.Q too and if you have some questions after that you can reach us at

See you next Saturday!